Plush Container/ Upcycle Old Chocolate Box

Tuesday, 12 March 2013
Have you ever tried Hershey's Milk Chocolate Extra Creamy? Well if you have, you'd know it's really nice and it comes in a cute little sliding box! Today's upcycle project will be focused on this small box, which I fell in love with it immediately! 

Things you need for this project:
An old chocolate box (or any old box you have in hand)
Plush material with sticky tape behind
Glitter glue or some decorative materials (optional)

First step begins by washing the box clean of course. You don't want any ants come crawling after your finished art work! After let dry, time to stick the plush material on your box! I added something glitter on it with glitter glue to cover the bump which the box originally has a picture of chocolate balls on it. Decorate any way you like with the box and you're done!

Note that while sticking the material on, it may be a bit tricky but patience will overcome it! Have fun! :)

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