Tank Top/ T-shirt Refashion

Sunday, 10 March 2013
DIY tank top/ t-shirt refashion (whichever way you prefer to call it!) in just 5 simple steps and no sewing needed! All you need is a big pair of scissors and an old over-sized t-shirt and you're ready to start!

First, find a big enough space to spread out your shirt and smooth out the wrinkles as best as you can. This will help when you cut later. Line the hems side by side so that when you cut, it will be symmetrical.

This step is optional, but for me, I used a tank top to measure approximately the size of arm holes I want. For this project I prefer bigger arm holes.

After you measured, cut the arm holes. For better results, fold t-shirt in half from left to right (make sure it's lined up properly and all wrinkles smoothed out!) and cut one go so that both sides match.

This step is optional too if you like to keep the ready made hemmed neckline. For me, I simply cut it off! You can also cut the front neckline deeper or make it a V-neckline as you prefer.

Last and final step! Cut off shirt bottom hem either straight or curve like I did and you're done! :)

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