Eventful Day

Saturday, 6 April 2013
Was messing about with the blog's html codes and accidentally deleted all my previous template designs :( Imagine the frustrations I felt on top of a tiring day after spending almost 6 hours non-stop in the OT, rushing after public buses when our bus came late, small shopping trip to get myself ready for tomorrow's friend's wedding, etc. It was indeed a challenging day!

Please bear with me while I start on a new skin and hopefully it'll be better than the one before! By doing this means I'll have to change a few things here and there so all I ask is a little patience :)

Meanwhile, would love to share something nice to remind us that miracles still happen nowadays. So if you're wondering, yes I've been reading Chicken Soup for the Soul: A Book Of Miracles to while away the time I had while waiting in OT for patients to come. Enjoy! :)

"I've learned that when we "explain away" miracles with science, chemistry or coincidences, we fail to give credit to where credit is due. God may be speaking to us, showing us, blessing us."

~LeAnn Thieman

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