Unbreakable Bonds

Saturday, 20 April 2013
Hey guys how's your Saturday so far? Mine was real swell spending time bonding with loved ones! Am super glad to see my family again and even though we did nothing special (just walked around and eat eat eat!) I'm happy we're together. This post will be more photos than words as surely there so few words that could describe the fun and special time we've had! Enjoy! :)

Test shot on the simple camera my dad brought for me from home.

Thank you so much daddy love you to bits! 

Just as how my sister would say it: Typical Asian habit ("Instagram-ing"/Photo taking before eating!).

Lovely + sweet mango dessert!

Antique shop decor. Love the miniature boat, cars and bicycles! 

Sister's fashion tips on a hot sunny day: Jeans shirt with white tank top, short pants, nice walking shoes and a casual sling bag to go with it. I love her bracelets! :)

Random shot - old flats.


cute mommy 

Always a daddy's girl :)

Jo with her side braid.

N having photo fun time!


Oh yes I love 'em shoes! ;)

Hope your Saturday is as swell as mine! :)


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