Thursday, 9 May 2013
Hey guys! How are you? If you're wondering whether I've any new DIY coming up I'm sorry to say no, I don't. Am pretty busy with finishing my last few case reports, assessment and whatnot and I'm very glad to say yes! I'm finishing my practical TOMORROW! So yes naturally there's not much time for DIY this week but next week there may be something up my sleeves (tsk tsk!) so wait for it! :)

Made up for the creativity lapse by doing something really random - catch a lightning on a photo! If you haven't try it before, I'm telling you now it's a very difficult task especially with lightning striking very near you (I live in a condo high up in the air!) and having not good enough quality of a camera (but hey I'm grateful I have one!). 

Below are few pictures of my experience (the ones I think are okay) and hope that one day maybe you'll try one too! Enjoy! :)

Before a lightning strikes. Looks peaceful, ain't it? Well now don't be fooled by it!

I think my hands are a bit shaky while I was standing at the balcony thus the blurred photo. But this was really close I almost had it! Dang! (Note how the sky lights up so bright after the lightning strikes)

Tried a bokeh one. If only there are more lights in the city :(

Finally got it after lots of attempts! Could almost feel the buzz of the electric currents in the air!

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