Friday's Letters {4}

Friday, 10 May 2013
Dear Friday, thanks for coming so promptly! Today is the last day of my practical as a student radiographer!  It's finally overrr! :)
Dear friends and coursemates, it's been fun having practical with you guys, working together at the same hospital for 2 months! I'll miss seeing you! All the best in the future!
Dear N, can't wait for more dates after this now that I'll be much freer :D
Dear sun, thank you so much for drying my laundry so fast. Please don't go away yet! :p
Dear grey cells, please work extra hard for me to help think of a nice Mother's Day gift for N's mom? I'd appreciate that a lot! :) 

Another nail art I'd like to share this week! Hope you like it. (reminds me a little bit of a watermelon!)

Peach color for base coating, light palette color for nail tip bit. Hair pin as a dotting tool using black nail polish. 

Small and cute piggy bank (or should I say ladybird bank???) a gift from the hospital :)

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