Leather & Jeans Pouch

Friday, 31 May 2013
Hey guys how's life? It's finally Friday and today's the last day of my DIY week challenge and I'm bringing you something cute - a leather and jeans pouch! It involves a simple few steps and can be completed in a few minutes. What are you waiting for? Let's get down to it! :)

Things you'll need:
Jeans fabric
Leather fabric
Long chain
Needle & thread

Measure how big you want your pouch to be and cut two using the jeans fabric. I want mine around the size of my handphone. For the flap, cut approximately the width a tad smaller than the width of your pouch with any shape you prefer.

Sew on the flap. I sew it on with X's stitches. This will be the back part of the pouch.

For the front part, sew on a button where you want it to be. I added on a bit of decoration with the left over leather fabric I have.

After the front and back are done, sew them together wrong sides facing inwards with a single stitch.

Cut a slit on the flap for the button.

Cut two small slits just enough for the chain to go through at the back part of the pouch.

Done! :)