Do 50 Push Ups

Thursday, 6 June 2013
Bucket list no. 20
Do 50 push ups. Done!
#dateofcompletion 6th June 2013

Woke up early this morning to start my jogging week and was resting after that when suddenly I remembered another item on my bucket list, a.k.a. to do 50 push ups. Yeah well, I modified a bit, and instead of doing it on the floor with my whole body weight on my arms I did it on the wall, pushing my weight against it which, I know, isn't much of a real push up but still a passable one! 

So yup yup 50 push ups I managed to complete (not without gasping for breaths in between and panting like a mad cow!) and hopefully, I'll keep up my jogging to complete another item next week.

Hope your day was fun and productive! :)

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