DIY Bleach/ Faded Jeans

Monday, 22 July 2013

Morning guys! Hope you had a great weekend and all ready for the week ahead! :)

Just want to start this week with something I love, yep, DIY (and I hope it'll turn out well). Firstly it was originally the plan to bleach the jeans to ombre shade but I'm only halfway there for now and I actually quite like the colour of the jeans now so I thought why not I do a post on how to bleach it to a lighter (or faded) shade :)

First off you'll need an old pair of jeans (you don't want to ruin your newly bought ones just in case it doesn't turn out the way you liked). Scissors (really sharp ones with small pointy ends) and sand paper (optional - for the worn out look). Not forgetting also bleach, warm water, and bucket.

Cut your jeans to the desired length and small holes where you preferred it to be. Started fraying them by using the pointy ends of the scissors to pull out small threads at the end of the cut edge (this might take a while depending on how frayed you want it to be).

Optional step: Use a snadpaper to brush it along your jeans for a really worn out look.

After you're satisfied with the way your jeans look, time to fade those colours! I preffered mine to be quite faded so I soak it in 1 part bleach, 3 part warm water for quite sometime. Remember to check the progress once in a while to see how far it has faded.

Note: The water might turn pale yellow but it's okay you can wash it out afterwards (works for me! maybe it'll have to depend on the type of jeans you have).

After you're satisfied with the colour, take it out of the bucket using rubber gloves and wash it a couple of times in the washing machine to remove the bleach and the yellowy stain. Dry it in the dryer and you've got yourself a new pair of lovely faded short! :)

Ps: For a clearer bleaching process/ instructions, google would help. That's how I learnt mine :p Good luck! xx :)

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