New Dawn

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

It's been a while since I last updated. One whole week, to be exact. Have been busy with the new semester, which turns out to be every bit challenging as expected. Started the week by scanning for kidneys and aortas and beginning this week with Physics lecture from morning till evening.

Tired? Yes. Stressed? Yes. But can't say I don't enjoy the motivation it gave though, to be better and to push myself to the limits.

Have been waking up early lately in order to go to college early to fulfill the number of scans and such. Am enjoying my mornings where the air is fresh and cooling, and the sunrise is breathtaking. Managed to snap a few photos of it in between all the rush but I'm glad I took a minute to admire and take in God's wonder. Makes you feel somehow refreshed and all ready for the new day :)

Should prolly go hit the sack now, I reckoned, with these amount of sleep it's no wonder my cold doesn't get any better. Oh wells. Have a wonderful week ahead friends. Mine will be full of new stuff to learn and challenges to be overcome. Can't wait for it! :)

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