Peacock Nail Art (Fall)

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

It's officially October! New month is starting and new things are changing. First off, fashion. A simple DIY nail art to suit the season, and the theme is one of my favourite, blue!

Begin by cleaning your nails so that there are no chipped nails nor dirt on it. After cleansing, apply a coat of base coat for nail protection and let dry. First color to use would be something light and i picked pale blue. Let dry before applying second coat of a darker color shade of blue on top as shown in the second picture (note that I left a bit of pale blue showing at the base). Lastly, I used black as the last coating and similarly, apply as shown in the third picture where it shows the previous color before.

Let dry and you're done! Simple, easy and it reminds me of a peacock's feather thus the peacock nail art! Do try experimenting with different colors to create your special palette of colors. Have fun! :)


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