Time Flies

Sunday, 15 December 2013

Time flies. It's been a year already and Christmas is coming. Another year will be over soon! What have we done this whole year that's meaningful and how much time have we wasted? What purpose did we fulfilled this year and how many new year resolutions we've achieved? It's that time of the year again. Time for reflection. Time for gratitude. Time for forgiveness. Time for new goals and dreams. What will be your next year's new year resolutions? What will be your new goals for next year? What would you like to change about next year?

Would love it if you'd share a few thoughts on it and link back. It'd be nice to see how others are doing, how new friendships have made, how life has changed each and every one of us. This year has been good. But I'm sure next year will be better, dontcha think? :)

Bucket list no. 105
Write in my journal everyday for a year. DONE!
#dateofcompletion 30th November 2013

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