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Monday, 4 March 2013
First of all I feel as I should explain why I'm focusing on food lately. You see, most of my roomies are back home or on holiday so I'm the only one left with another girl. This means one thing of course, that there's more spaces in the fridge! So taking hurriedly this chance I upped and went to buy groceries and fill the fridge with what I'd like to cook for this week! To cut the long story short, I'm afraid much of the posts I'll be updating this week will be about food, if I update frequently that is. Sorry for the long lapsed as a tragedy happened lately in my family, sad to say.

Anyway, below are the pictures I've taken. Enjoy!

M&M chocolate cake made by Nick's mom for his twin uncles' birthday. It was simply delicious. Moist and soft and not too sweet. Maybe will do an experiment on cake making soon, what with the limited resources I have here!

May I proudly present for the first time my very own Chinese Herbal Chicken Soup! I'm glad it turns out pretty well!

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