Sunday, 17 March 2013
Have you ever have those moments when you suddenly realized how precious someone is, how at times you seemed to take them for granted and sometimes you forgot to appreciate them? Well I kind of have one of those moments now, when I realized what a blessing Nick has been to me, how sometimes I take him for granted and lose my temper easily with him. 

He has always been loving, caring, patient and understanding with me in all circumstances and whenever I needed him he's always there. Never did once he ignore me, and even if we did quarrel, he always was the first to make it up to me. He is always trying to find ways to make me happy and to cheer me up, and never once did he fail. 

I am lucky, aren't I? To have such a person who loves me and cherish me. It's always his kind and loving ways that make me feel ashamed of myself and tried to change to be a much better person. 

Today, I thank God for him, for loving me selflessly and for teaching me how to be humble and patient. Love is not what we get out of it, but what we give of ourselves. That's the most important thing I've learnt being in this relationship. 

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