Life At The Hospital Again

Tuesday, 19 March 2013
And so life at the hospital starts again, and this time, it's for 8 weeks straight. Time to see all sorts of white uniform around, time to see patients who are sick and suffering, time to apply what I've learnt for the service of the people. It's not bad actually, once you get used to it, but to see every day patients suffering and you can't do anything to lessen their pain. It's heart wrenching to watch. 

What I've learnt from my on and off period of life at the hospital is, take good care of your health. Once it's gone, you have to pay for it big time. 

It's funny how some patients always call those in lab coat "doctor". There's doctors, radiographers,  pharmacists, physiotherapists, medical assistants and many more people who work in the hospital who wear lab coats but somehow, people just call them all doctors.

Hallway which for once today was quite empty. It's definitely a good thing which means there's less patients who are sick, no?

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