Stained Glass Window

Saturday, 30 March 2013
Saw a DIY post in tellingoceans on stained glass window and it inspired me to make my own - my own way! :) Was thinking about crossing another item off my bucket list and so I did! Am quite happy with how it turns out. Happy Saturday! :)

I used Amos Korea glass deco which can be found in bookstores or craft stores. 

Start off by cleaning the window pane clean and letting it dry if it's wet. After that, I used the colour black to draw a heart in pattern.

Then using the colour pattern you prefer, fill in the empty spaces. Let dry and you're done!

My very own stained glass window pane! :)

 Love how the light reflects the colours onto the wall.

Bucket list no. 70
Make stained glass window. Done!
#dateofcompletion 30th March 2013

ps: Will try to cross another item off my bucket list this week AND post up something creative soon! Stay tuned! :)

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