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Wednesday, 24 April 2013
Last inspiration post for the week. Am really sorry haven't been up to much lately as am busy with packing all the stuff I'm going to move (TOMORROW!). Really can't wait for it to be over, where I can settle down and think up all sorts of decor for my new room! :)

For today, I'm going to show you a few inspiration pictures I've found on Pinterest (seriously one of my favourite sites!) about tattoo. Nope I'm not brave enough to go try a real one (and I do get tired of things easily!), so I thought of doing a temporary one, with tattoo ink!

These are a few I've found and caught my eye. Am thinking of maybe doing one on the back or behind the ear? Hmmm. 

Be patient with me while I get ready for moving and settling down. After that, time to do all the projects I've been inspired to do lately! Can't wait! :)

Ps: Updated new button for blog. Do share the love and contact me for more sizes! :)
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