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Thursday, 25 April 2013

One thing lately: THE MOVE!!! :D
yep yep I've finally finished moving to my new apartment and yes! I'm very happy with it! Only thing left for me to do now is to tidy it up and decorate it accordingly. Can't wait to post up pictures after I'm done! :)

Things I look forward to lately this weekend:
1. Moving out
2. Celebrating our being-together anniversary on Saturday (me and N)
3. Do all the DIY projects I've posted about lately (dream-catchers, tattoos, and maybe more!)
4. Spending more time with my college mates cum roommate-to-housemate friends!
5. Just relax! :)

Have a great weekend ahead! :)

Ps: I'm linking up with Laurie and Heather and MarsaDO check out their blogs! :)

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