Tide Of Change

Thursday, 18 April 2013

My current room. Small but cozy. I'll be moving to a bigger, more spacious and hopefully less stuffy room in less than two weeks' time! Will have to say goodbye to my stained glass window that I painstakingly took the trouble to make! :(

View from the balcony. Hopefully to where I'm moving the view will be great too! :)

Besides having a new room, I'll be also taking up a new course after I've finished this one. A lot of things are going to change and I'll have to make a lot of adjustments. But hey, life is full of challenges to be overcome each day in order for us to grow into maturity right? I'll be ready.

Happy Thursday friends! :)


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    1. I know! Hopefully my next room will have a view as great as this! :)