Leather Bag

Thursday, 16 May 2013

From kitchen apron to small exploring bag! Am so loving this simple bag that I'm gonna use it every time I go on my photography adventure! :)

Can't say I'm not pleased with the result. One afterword though: Leather is very hard to sew! :(

Was going around the hypermarket and a few leather aprons caught my eyes. Why on earth would anyone want their apron to be made of leather is beyond me but I saw it as a perfect refashion/ upcycle chance as soon as I saw the variety of colours the aprons have from black to all sorts of brown! Not forgetting to mention it only costs MYR8 per piece!

All you need is:
Leather fabric
Not-too-small needle

And a simple tutorial on the how-do. Hope it's not too confusing! :)

1. Dark brown is the right side up. Lighter brown is wrong side down.
2. Cut a rectangle approximately how big you want your bag to be when folded in half where the dotted lines are right side inside.
3. With the wrong side facing you, sew the sides where the dotted line indicated.
4. This part is tricky and I'll try my best to tell you how. After the sides are sewn, press down the bag until two small triangles can be seen at the bottom sides as shown. Sew where the bold line indicate to give your bag more shape.
5. After finished sewing, flip your bag right side out and you'll get something like this.
6. Cut a small flap for your bag by measuring the width a tad shorter than that of your bag.
7. Sew on to top of bag and make sure you have the right sides correctly matched.
8. Cut a long strip for your bag strap (this may defer to how long you want your strap to be). Make the width twice as wide and fold in half where dotted lines indicated right sides together.
9. Sew the open side and flip it back right side out again after you're done.
10. Sew the strap to the sides of your bag where the X's indicated.
11. Cut two small pattern for the side of your bag and sew it wrong side up on top of where you sew on your strap to give it a more tidy and cute look.

DONE! :)

Ps: Sorry for the messy drawings. Would try to remember take the in-the-process pictures so that the instructions will be clearer! :)