lately {5}

Thursday, 16 May 2013

Lately it's been mostly about random and creative stuff. I'm glad that this week after my practical at the hospital, it's a more relaxing and more to a week where I do the things I love :)

For my to-do list this week I'm glad to say I've managed to check 5 items off the list. Am still waiting for the chance where I can go out and try experimenting with my camera. Can't wait to explore and take some beautiful pictures out there!

Hope your week has been fruitful so far. More to come for me during the weekend! I definitely can't wait! :)

Linking up with the lovely Laurie as always! :)


  1. I always love checking off things on the "to-do" list. Have fun with your camera. :)

    1. Thanks Rachel! I'm going to do some shots today and hopefully I'll be able to share it soon! have a great weekend ahead! :)