Friday's Letters {5}

Friday, 17 May 2013

Dear weather, just when I wanted to go out you started raining. And I've thought out a nice sunny day date outfit too. But it's okay. A change of a simple outfit for a simple movie date will do too :)

Dear Pancake House, you are still one of our favourite places to dine. I love the wall decor! :)

Dear cashier, thank you for allowing us to buy tickets at student's price! It was a nice and affordable Star Trek movie for two!

Dear night sky, thank you for holding up and staying beautiful and clear. I love the stars that you hung out for our date tonight! :)

Dear Jesus, thank You for reminding us that You are always here for us even in our everyday busy and hectic lives. Thank You for calling us here to experience Your true peace and joy :)

Dear N, thank you so much for an amazing tonight. I had a wonderful time with you as always. Thanks for bearing with me and helping me taking pictures when I know you're dead tired of walking. You're the best! :)

Overall I had a nice day today. Hope your Friday is good too! :)

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