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Saturday, 18 May 2013
Whew! 'Twas a tiring day today but definitely fruitful! :)

Had a wedding marathon today, attended two wedding masses and ate tons of food! If this keeps up I can finally have that weight gain I've been wanting since I became as thin as a stick from childhood! :p

Get to take quite a few outdoor pictures and practise a bit of close up shots as today's weather is superb and it feels really like summer now, with the sun shining as bright as ever and not a dot of cloud in sight. Didn't have time to take a proper OOTD photo though as was in a rush so these will have to do, sorry!

Outfit theme: Bright and cheerful a.k.a. polka dots!

Hot day today!

Church adjacent building.

Few odd plants around the church compound. Ain't it lovely to see them bloom? :)

N waiting patiently for me while I ran around here and there taking pictures.

Eagle chain I gave him as our anniversary gift.

 Random tree with plants sticking out from its stump.

Hope I've improve in my photo taking. Can't wait to experiment more!

xx :)

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