Friday's Letters {3}

Friday, 3 May 2013

Dear rain, thank you for coming just at the right time to cool off the heat of the day.
Dear work, thank you for bringing interesting cases today and I finally get to hand up my case study for my last assessment! Hopefully all will be well and it'll be over soon! :)
Dear Jos, thank you for borrowing for me a screwdriver to put up my table. I love my pink study table yay! :)
Dear Carey, thanks for cooking dinner with me. It encourages me not to be lazy and to eat proper meals!
Dear bugs, you know I can't stand any of you no matter what sizes you are. Please, I do beg you to stop coming to see me! :(
Dear Lord, I pray for my country. Please save us :(

Linking up with Ashley today! :)

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