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Sunday, 5 May 2013
Happy Sunday! So today is the long awaited 13th general election of Malaysia (GE13) and I'll be spending it whole day at home as advised for fear of trouble looming ahead if all does not go well. For a democratic country, that is saying much about the openness and progress of said country. Take away the dirty politics, the corruption, the injustice dealt to its people, Malaysia is still a beautiful country with lots to look forward to each new day. Oh wells nuff said. 

Today I'm bringing to you something Chinese from the cookbook! Herbal Chicken Soup (I've posted before here but now I'm sharing the recipe with you!) and Fried Lady's Finger With Garlic (sounds horrible!).


My advice for this is to cook it one hour before meal time as you need to simmer at least 60 minutes for it. What you need:

A packet of Claypot's Ten Herbs Aromatic Soup Mix
Two bowls of water (depending on serving size)
Chicken (I used two drumsticks for two serving)

Start off by boiling two bowls of water.

Add in the soup mix after water is boiling.

Add in chicken (or meat of your choice) and simmer for around 60 minutes.

After 60 minutes, soup is ready to served!

Herbal Chicken Soup


This is a fast dish. All you need is:

Fresh Lady's Finger
Some chopped garlic

Freshly chopped garlic

Sliced lady's finger

Some water

Pour a small amount of oil into frying pan and heat it up.

After heated, add in chopped garlic and fried until partially brown.

Add in lady's finger.

Add in water and cook till vege turned a deeper shade of green.

Ready to served! I added a bit of small fresh tomatoes as a decor and also because I love tomatoes! :)

That's all from moi today. Have a great week ahead! :)

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