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Thursday, 23 May 2013

Nothing much lately but more to focusing on relaxing and how awesome the weather is. Practised a bit on my camera and finally got the whole bokeh thing! :)

early sunrise :)

Was contemplating about this a lot too lately and I'm still not very sure about it, but yes, I've started a new blog on tumblr, using the name Janyie which I've created (something to do with January which is the month I was born in!). It is more to boho related stuff as I've found out that the style is really nice and it's what I've been searching for all these while but can't seemed to put a name to it (mainly laces, long maxi skirts, native patterns and such), it just occurred to me that it's boho!

Sorry for the noob-iness but well, here is it! A boho inspired blog where pictures, ideas, thoughts and styles are shared. Feel free to visit if boho is your kinda thing! :)

Linking up with Laurie :)

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