Leather Clutch/ Purse

Wednesday, 29 May 2013
And so another day of challenge commence! Found this lovely idea on the internet while browsing out leather projects (yes I know a lot of leather stuff lately!) so I did it! Can't say I'm not please with the outcome. It's really simple and easy (as with all my DIY-es) and come let's do it together! :)

Things you'll need:
Leather fabric
Scissors (one big and one small)
Two faux suede strings

I used the big fabric scissors to cut the leather into a long rectangle and folded it three-ways as shown. If you prefer, just fold it in three equal parts will do too.

 This part is a bit tricky. Since I do not own a leather punch, I have to make do with just using a small sized scissors. You can either cut small slits at the side (make sure to measure first the gap you prefer) or poke holes in it using the pointy end (which I did!). After that, weave the faux suede string around the side to kind of stitch it up and make a small pouch. Start from one side, and stop when you reach the middle.

It should looked like this after you've sewn up both sides.

For this part, loop the remaining strings on your fingers and tie it as shown above. After that, cut the bottom part into a fringe.

Inside should look like this.

No sewing needed! And you have yourself a leather clutch/ purse :)

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