Vintage Stones

Thursday, 30 May 2013
Have you ever wanted to decorate your jewelry beads or stones to make it look more vintage but not sure how to? Well I've tried something on my own and I love it! Maybe you can make it into a ring, a necklace or bracelet charm, the possibilities are endless! Here's a simple how to:

Things you'll need:
Soft and flexible wire
Beads or jewelry stones with a hole in the middle

1. Cut the length of wire to be approximately 8 times longer than the beads or stones. Make sure the ends are folded in to prevent scratching.
2. Insert wire through the hole in the middle of the jewelry bead/ stone and position the stone around the middle of the wire.
3. Fold the wire anyway and any direction you please to create a pattern you prefer.
4. Upon reaching the end of the wire, twist the two ends of the wire together as shown.


Now you can try it out on other shapes and sizes of jewelry beads/ stones instead. Have fun! :)

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