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Monday, 27 May 2013
Hi guys! Am having a bit of Monday blues as yep today is finally my final exam!!! Super duper nervous!! Pray for me so that I'll do well? :)

A simple something to cheer myself up, below is a DIY/ refashion of a mini notepad (or pocketbook, which I quite like the sound of it!) and it's pretty simple really. Remember the lace bracelet DIY I've posted? I just use some of the leftover lace to do it. Here goes!

Thing you need:
A small notepad
Printed fabric
Lace ribbon
Glue gun/ super glue

First off measure the part of your notepad where you want to cover and cut the fabric according to size. Measure a strip of lace ribbon as the width of the notepad and cut it accordingly. Use a glue gun, or just any long lasting super glue, glue the fabric then the lace, in that order and tada! You have refashion yourself a new simple notepad! :)

I know lately there's been a splash of ideas and I'm loving it! Maybe we'll see if I can do a DIY marathon and do it for a week straight! It's definitely a challenge but I'm willing to take it on! :)

Hope your week is off to a great start and have a happy Monday! :)

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