Jar of Advice

Sunday, 26 May 2013
Morning! Let's start this Sunday with a nice DIY, shall we? Was browsing through my bucket list and I saw one that caught my eye that I could've easily cross that item off my list if I take time to try it, and so I did! Fold 1000 stars with words written in them, which gives me an idea to write inspirational short bible quotes in them so that in times of trouble or sadness I'll just take one star from the jar and open it to see what advice I'll find! :)

Right, so without lingering any longer let's get down to it!

All you need:
A big empty jar
Colour strips with one side blank to write words on
A pen
A bible

Find a quote that you think is nice, write it on the blank side of the strip and fold it into a star!

Pop the star into the jar for further use and now try making more stars!

Simple and easy? I bet it'll look nice once I've filled the jar with colourful stars and use it also as a decor.
Have a blessed Sunday! :)


  1. I would love to do this some day! I might have to skip the stars part because every time I try to fold stars, then end up looking like a pentagon haha! I'm sure your jar will look super pretty! I think I saw something similar to this, but instead of finding quotes, you write something that made you happy that day and you write it and put it in a jar.

    1. That's a great idea too! Remember to share it when you've done it! :)