Lace Bracelet

Saturday, 25 May 2013
Happy weekend! Yes I'm very happy weekend's here but one down part though, final exam is in two days' time and I've yet to study some more! :( 

Oh wells, gloomy stuff aside, let's talk about creative stuff! Finally after a week of laziness I went out for a mini shopping and also to go get some lovely fresh summer air! It's been awhile cooping up in my room because of warnings that it's not very safe to go out this week (racial stuff very bad I know!). 

This time I managed to remember to snap a few in-the-process pictures I hope they helped! One DIY lace bracelet coming right up! :)

Things you need:
Couple of beads or pearls for vintage/ boho feel
An old button to act as clasp (or something!)
Thread and needle
Elastic band
Lace ribbon

Measure the length of elastic band around your wrist plus an inch for a small loop. Sew the loop on one end of the elastic (make sure the loop fits the button!).

Measure lace ribbon to be the length of the elastic band plus 1.5 inches. Cut two strips of the same length. Fold the end of the ribbon down a bit and sew a small tiny hem. Apply the same thing for all four ends of the lace ribbons.

Sew two ends of the ribbons just below the elastic loop, while the other ends matching the other end of the elastic band.

Decide which side is to be the top side, and sew on beads or pearls randomly. Add a small button to the opposite end of the loop-ended elastic.

Sew the two opening sides of the bracelet together (make sure you don't accidentally sew them together with the elastic band which I almost did!).'re done! :)

Have a happy weekend! :)

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