Dragon Boat Festival

Wednesday, 12 June 2013
Every 5th of May in the Lunar Calendar the Chinese celebrates the Dragon Boat Festival. You may or may not have heard about it but to summarize, it is quite a big festival usually where there'd be dragon boat races and making of dumplings. If you're not sure about this, simply go to Google home page and you'll see a cute dragon boat design, click it and you'll find out more! :)

Well as for me today, went around did errands and managed to snap a few pictures and practised my close up shots in between. Celebration of today's fest may be postponed to the weekend for us as by then most of our family members will be here. 

Happy Dragon Boat Festival ya'll! And I hope you're lucky enough to taste a few yummy dumplings! :)

Last but not least, one of my summer DIY-es sneak peak! I do so love the fresh colour of this flower print. Do you? :)

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