Summer Colours

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Love how the sun makes the colours look bright and fetching. Summer. The time for romance. Time for flowery patterns and shorts and summer dresses. Time for fun and adventure. How has your summer been so far?

One more day and I'm close to completing another item on my bucket list. Just one more day. Jogging is fun but to do it everyday needs determination and yep, lots of stamina which unfortunately I seemed to lack. Till  tomorrow then, and I'd have jogged in the morning for a whole week!

Have a happy Tuesday ahead!
xx :)


  1. i like the second photo! actually u can try giving a title for every of ur photo? thats what a photographer used to tell me. just a suggestion anyway :)

    1. oooh that IS a good idea! :) will be hard to think of something creative for every picture I take but definitely am going to try! thanks Jun! XD